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A Place Called Home Organization
Angel of the Year Award [2003]

AIDS Project Los Angeles
Commitment to Life Award (1999)

A&M Records
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Quintuple International Platinum Award [1990]

American Cinema Awards
Performer of the Year; Video/Recording Field [1988]

American Music Awards
Favorite Soul/R&B Female Video Artist [1887]
“Nasty” Favorite Soul/R&B Single [1987]
“When I Think Of You” Favorite Pop/Rock Video [1988]
“Miss You Much” Favorite Soul/R&B Single [1990)
“Miss You Much” Favorite Dance Single [1990]
Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist [1991]
Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist [1991]
Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist [1999]
Award of Merit [2001)
Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist [2002]

amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala
Award of Courage [2013]

ASCAP Awards
“All For You” Best Dance Song of the Year [2002]
“Someone To Call My Lover” Most Performed Song [2003]

ASCAP Film & Television Awards
“Again” Most Performed Song from a Motion Picture [1995]

BET Awards
ULTIMATE ICON: Music Dance Visual Award [2015]

BDS Certified Spin Awards
“All For You” BDS Certified Spin Award (300,000 spins) [2002]
“Someone To Call My Lover” BDS Certified Spin Award (200,000 spins) [2002]
“Luv Me, Luv Me” BDS Certified Spin Award (200,000 spins) [2004]
“Call On Me” BDS Certified Spin Award (50,000 spins) [2006]

Behind the Bench Organization
Touching a Life Award [2004]

Billboard Music Awards
Top Pop Singles Artist [1986]
Top Pop Singles Artist – Female [1986]
Top Dance Club Play Artist [1986]
Top Dance Sales Artist [1986]
Top Black Artist [1986]
Top Hot 100 Singles Artist of the Year [1990]
Top Hot 100 Singles Artist of the Year – Female [1990]
Best Dance Artist – Female [1990]
Top Dance Club Play Artist of the Year [1990]
Top Hot Dance 12″ Singles Sales Artist of the Year [1990]
Top Selling R&B Albums Artist of the Year [1990]
Top Selling R&B Artist of the Year [1990]
Top R&B Artist of the Year [1990]
Top R&B Female Artist of the Year [1990]
Best Female Video Artist, Black/Rap [1990]
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Top Selling Album of the Year [1990]
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Top Selling R&B Album of the Year [1990]
“Rhythm Nation” Tanqueray Sterling Music Video Award for Artistic Achievement [1990]
“Rhythm Nation” Director’s Award, Black/Rap [1990]
“Alright” Director’s Award, Dance [1990]
“That`s The Way Love Goes” Top R&B Single – Airplay [1993]
“janet.” Top R&B Album – Female [1993]
“If” Dance Clip of the Year [1994]
Top R&B Singles Artist – Female [1994]
Artist of Achievement Award [1995]
“Scream” Pop/Rock Video Clip of the Year [1995]
Top R&B Female Artist of the Year [1998]
Artistic Achievement Award [2001]
ICON Award (2018)

Black Gold Awards
Hottest Female Newcomer [1984]
“When I Think Of You” Outstanding Music Video [1986]

Black Reel Awards
“For Colored Girls” Outstanding Ensemble [2011]

Blockbuster Entertainment Awards
Favorite Female Artist [1995]
“The Velvet Rope” Favorite Female Album of the Year [1998]
Favorite Female Artist [1999]

BMI Film & TV Awards
“Doesn’t Really Matter” Most Performed Song from a Film [2001]

BMI Pop Awards
Songwriter of the Year [1990]
“Alright” Most Played Song [1990]
“Rhythm Nation” Most Played Song [1990]
“Escapade” Most Played Song [1990]
“Black Cat” Most Played Song [1991]
“Come Back To Me” Most Played Song [1991]
“State Of The World” 
Most Played Song [1992]
“That’s The Way Love Goes” Most Played Song [1993]
“Again” Most Played Song [1994]
“Any Time, Any Place” Most Played Song [1994]
“If” Most Played Song [1994]
“Because Of Love” Most Played Song [1994]
“You Want This” Most Played Song [1994]
“Scream” Most Played Song [1995]
“Runaway” Most Played Song [1995]
“Together Again” Most Played Song [1999]
“I Get Lonely” Most Played Song [1999]
“All For You” Song Of The Year [2001]
“All For You” Most Played Song [2001]
“Doesn’t Really Matter” Most Played Song [2002]
“Someone To Call My Lover” Most Played Song [2002]

BMI London Pop Awards
“Feel it Boy” Most Played Song [2003]
“All Nite (Don’t Stop)” Best Pop Song [2004] 

Bravo Otto Awards
Female Singer – Bronze Award [1990]
Female Singer – Gold Award [1993]
Female Singer – Silver Award [1994]
Female Singer – Gold Award [1995]
Female Singer – Bronze Award [1997]

BPI Sales Awards
“What Have You Done For Me Lately” Silver Award [1986]
“Control” Silver Award [1986]
“Control” Gold Award [1986]
“Let’s Wait Awhile” Silver Award [1987]
“Control – The Remixes” Silver Award [1987]
“Control – The Remixes” Gold Award [1987]
“Control” Platinum Award [1987]
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Silver Award [1989]
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Gold Award [1989]
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Platinum Award [1990]
“The Best Things In Life Are Free” 
Silver Award [1990]
“janet.” Silver Award [1993]
“That’s The Way Love Goes” Silver Award [1993]
“janet.” Gold Award [1993]
“janet.” Platinum Award [1993]
“Scream” Silver Award [1995]
“Design Of a Decade” Silver Award [1995]
“janet. Remixed” Silver Award [1995]
“Scream” GoldAward [1995]
“Design Of a Decade” Gold Award [1995]
“janet. Remixed” Gold Award [1995]
“Design Of a Decade” Platinum Award [1995]
“Design Of a Decade” Multi-Platinum Award [1996]
“The Velvet Rope” Silver Award [1997]
“The Velvet Rope” Gold Award [1997]
“Got ‘til It’s Gone” Silver Award [1997]
“Together Again” Silver Award [1997]
“Together Again” Gold Award [1997]
“The Velvet Rope” Platinum Award [1997]
“Together Again” Platinum Award [1997]
“janet.” Multi-Platinum Award [1998]
“Doesn’t Really Matter” Silver Award [2000]
“All For You” Silver Award [2001]
“All For You” Silver Award [2001]
“All For You” Gold Award [2001]
“Damita Jo” Silver Award [2004]
“The Best” Silver Award [2009]

Channel V Awards
Best International Female Artist [1998]

Clio Awards
“Scream” Best Music Video [1996]

C.O.R.E (Congress of Racial Equality)
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award for Outstanding Achievement [1995]

Complex Magazine
90 Hottest Women of the ’90s – #1 [2011]

Dance Gallery Award
Special Honors Award [1987]

Dansk Grammy Awards
“The Velvet Rope” Best Foreign Album [1998]
Best Foreign Artist [1998]

Details Magazine
“I Wish I Looked More Like This Person” Poll – #1 [1997]

DMC Awards
Best Female Vocalist [1986]

Edison Awards
“Control” Album of the Year [1987]

Ebony’s American Black Achievement Awards
“Control” Music Award [1988]
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Music Award [1991]
American Black Achievement Award [1993]
Best Female Artist [1993]

Ebony’s Pre-Oscar Celebration Honors
Excellence Award [2007]

Emmy Awards
“Janet: The Velvet Rope” Outstanding Technical Direction/Camera/Video for a Special [1999]
“SNL Host & Musical Guest” Best Technical Direction/Camera Work/Video for a Series [2004]

Essence Awards
Humanitarian Award [1995]
Reader’s Choice for Entertainer of the Year Award [2002]

Friends of the Black Academy
“Again” Friends of the Black Academy [1994]

GLAAD Media Awards
“The Velvet Rope” Outstanding Music [1998]
Vanguard Award [2008]

Golden Globe Awards
“Again” Best Original Song – Motion Picture [1994]

“Janet Jackson” Top Searched Item of the Year [2005]

Guinness Book of World Records
“Scream” Most Expensive Short Film [1996]
Most Searched Person in Internet History [2007]
Most Searched News Item in Internet History [2007]
Largest Fine Ever Imposed on Broadcaster [2007]

Grammy Awards
Producer of the Year, Non-Classical [1990]
“Rhythm Nation 1914” Best Music Video, Long Form [1990]
“That’s The Way Love Goes” Best R&B Song [1994]
“Scream” Best Music Video [1996]
“Got ‘til It’s Gone” Best Music Video [1997]
“All For You” Best Dance Recording [2001]
Recording Academy’s Governors Award [2002]

Hit Awards
International Female Artist of the Year [1998]

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hollywood Walk of Fame Star [1990]

Hollywood Style Awards
Ultimate Trendsetter Icon Award [2006]

Human Rights Campaign
Humanitarian Award [2005]

IFPI Awards
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Gold Award [1991]
“janet.” Gold Award [1993]
“Design Of a Decade” Gold Award [1996]
“The Velvet Rope” Gold Award [1997]
“The Velvet Rope” Platinum Award [1997]
“Together Again” Gold Award [1997]
“The Velvet Rope” Double Platinum Award [1999]
“Design Of a Decade” Platinum Award [1999]
“All For You” Gold Award [2001]

IFPI Platinum Europe Awards
“Design Of A Decade” IFPI Platinum Europe Award [1996]
“The Velvet Rope” IFPI Platinum Europe Award [1997]

Image Awards
Greater Hartford – Musical and Civil Rights Efforts Award [1990]
Chairman’s Award [1992]
“Doesn’t Really Matter” Outstanding Music Video [2000]

“Why Did I Get Married?” Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture [2008]

International Dance Music Awards
Outstanding Achievement in Dance Music [1995]
“Doesn’t Really Matter” Best Dance Video [2000]
“All For You” Best Dance Video [2002]

Japan Gold Disc Awards
“Doesn’t Really Matter” Top Selling Song of the Year – Foreign Music [2001]
“All For You” Top Selling International Pop Album of the Year [2002]

Japan Radio Popular Disks Awards
“All For You” Record of the Year [2001]
Best Female Vocalist [2001]

Lady of Soul Awards
Lena Horne Award for Outstanding Career Achievement [1997]

L.E.A.P. Awards
Humanitarian Youth Advocacy Award [1991]

LOGO’s NewNowNext Awards
Always Next, Forever Now Award [2008] 

London Arena Award
Commemorative Award for London Arena Sell-Out [1995]

MOBO Awards
Icon Hall of Fame Award [2004]

MTV Icon
MTV Icon Award [2001]

MTV Europe Music Awards
Best Female [1997]

MTV Japan Video Music Awards
Inspiration Award [2004]

MTV Video Music Awards
“Nasty” Best Choreography in a Video [1987]
“The Pleasure Principal” Best Choreography in a Video [1988]
Video Vanguard Award (Lifetime Achievement Michael Jackson Video Vanguard) [1990]
“Rhythm Nation” Best Choreography in a Video [1990]
“Rhythm Nation” Best Dance Video [1990]
“If” Best Female Video [1994]
“Scream” Best Dance Video [1995]
“Scream” Best Choreography in a Video [1995]
“Scream” Best Art Direction in a Video [1995]

MTV Movie Awards
“Poetic Justice” Best Female Performance [1994]
Most Desirable Female [1994]

MTV.com Online Awards
“The Velvet Rope” Best Album of the Year [1997]
“Love Will Never Do (Without You)” Favorite Female Video of All-Time [2000]

MuchMusic Video Awards
People’s Choice: Favourite Artist or Group [2001]

Music Video Production Association Awards
“Control” Hall of Fame Award [1994]
“Got ‘till It’s Gone” Pop Music Video of the Year [1998]
“Got ‘till It’s Gone” Best Art Direction [1998]
“All For You” Best Choreography [2002]
“Son Of a Gun” Best Make Up [2002]
“Someone To Call My Lover” Best R&B Video [2002]

Nancy Susan Reynolds Awards (Center for Population Options)
“Let’s Wait Awhile” Music Video Award [1990]

National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters Awards
Entertainer of the Year [2002]

National Association of Recording Merchandisers Awards
“Rhythm Nation” Best-Selling R&B Recording, Female [1989/90]
“janet.” Best-Selling Recording of the Year [1993/94]
“janet.” Best-Selling Pop Recording [1993/94]
“janet.” Best-Selling Pop Recording [1993/94]

National Alumnae Association of Spelman Awards
Honouree Award [1997]

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards
Favorite Singer [1994]
Favorite Singer [1995]
“Wannabe” Role Model Award [2002]

One Hundred Black Men Honors
Icon Award [2004]

Performance Magazine Awards
R&B Act of the Year [1993]
R&B Act of the Year [1999]
Creative Stage Set of the Year [1999]

Playboy Magazine Entertainment Awards
“janet.” Music Poll Awards: Rock Album of the Year [1994]
“If” Music Poll Awards: Music Video of the Year [1994] 

Radio Disney Music Awards
The Janet Jackson Impact Award [2018]

Radio Music Awards

Legend Award [2004]

Radioscope Awards
Best Female Vocalist [1986]

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Definitive 200 Albums
“Control” Definitive 200 Albums – #87 [2007]
“Janet” Definitive 200 Albums – #151 

Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time
“Rhythm Nation 1814” 500 Greatest Albums of All Time – #275 [2003]
“The Velvet Rope” 500 Greatest Albums of All Time – #256 
“Rhythm Nation 1814” 500 Greatest Albums of All Time – #277 [2012]
“The Velvet Rope” 500 Greatest Albums of All Time – #259 

Rolling Stone’s Reader’s Choice Awards
Favorite Female Artist [1994]
Favorite R&B Artist [1994]
“All For You” Favorite Album Cover [2001]

Starlight Foundation Awards
Humanitarian of the Year [1991]

Soul Train Music Awards
“Control” Album of the Year, Female [1987]
“What Have You Done For Me Lately” Music Video of the Year [1987]
“Control” Music Video of the Year [1988]
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Album of the Year, Female [1990]
“Miss You Much” Single of the Year, Female [1990]
“Rhythm Nation” Music Video of the Year [1990]
“Alright” Music Video of the Year [1991]
Sammy Davis, Jr. Entertainer of the Year Award [1992]
“If” Music Video of the Year [1994]
“That’s The Way Love Goes” Single of the Year, Female [1994]
“What’s it Gonna Be?!” Music Video of the Year [2000]
“Doesn’t Really Matter” Best Song from a Movie [2001]
Quincy Jones Award for Outstanding Career Achievements: Lifetime Achievement Award [2004]

The Source Music Awards
“What’s It Gonna Be?!’ Music Video of the Year [1999]

Teen Choice Awards
“All For You” Best Single [2001]
“All For You” Best Album [2001]

TMF Awards
Best International Female Singer [1998]
Best International Female Singer 
Lifetime Achievement Award [2001]

Tokio Hot 100 Awards
“Doesn’t Really Matte” Best Song of the Year [2000]
“All For You” Biggest Song of the Year [2001]
“All For You” Best Song of the Year [2001]
“Just a Little While” Best Song of the Year [2004]

TVZ (Multishow) Video Awards
“Scream” International Video of the Year [1995]

VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards
“Got ‘til It’s Gone” Most Stylish Music Video [1998]
“Doesn’t Really Matter” Most Stylish Music Video [2001]

World Music Awards
Legend Award for Outstanding Contribution to Pop Music [1999]

“Rhythm Nation” Bust Up: Best Dance Video Ever [2001]

New York Times’ Bestsellers
“True You” 
New York Times Bestseller List – #1 [2011]

PopCrush Awards
“Rolling Stone, September 1993” Sexiest Magazine Covers – #1 [2012]

Rolling Stone Magazine
“Janet Jackson, September 1993 cover” Most Popular Cover Ever [2000]
“Rhythm Nation” Ten Best Apocalyptic Dance Music Videos – #1 [2011]

Time Magazine
100 Most Obsessed-Over People on the Web – #6 (#3 in Females and Musicians) [2014]

“Janet Jackson’s SuperBowl incident” Most Watched, recorded, and replayed Moment in Television [2004] 

USA Today
Best Washboard Abs Award [2002]

Variety Magazine
Billion Dollar Entertainer Award [2013]

Virgin Records
Largest recording contract in history, $40 million [1992]
Largest recording contract in history, $90 million [1996]

VH1.com Poll: The Ultimate Pop Queen [2014]

Janet.br Janet Jackson Awards Achievements Prêmios
Janet.br Janet Jackson Awards Achievements Prêmios
Janet.br Janet Jackson Awards Achievements Prêmios
Janet.br Janet Jackson Awards Achievements Prêmios
Janet.br Janet Jackson Awards Achievements Prêmios
Janet.br Janet Jackson Awards Achievements Prêmios
Janet.br Janet Jackson Awards Achievements Prêmios
Janet.br Janet Jackson Awards Achievements Prêmios
Janet.br Janet Jackson Awards Achievements Prêmios
Janet.br Janet Jackson Awards Achievements Prêmios
Janet.br Janet Jackson Awards Achievements Prêmios

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O JANET.br começou em 2014, com dois fãs de São Paulo que acompanhavam o trabalho da Janet Jackson desde meados dos anos 2000.

Começamos no Facebook, crescemos para outras redes sociais e abrimos um site com notícias e galeria de fotos. Desde então, o Brasil, que nunca havia sido uma fanbase expressiva, tornou-se um dos maiores polos de discussão sobre a Janet, e nos tornamos uma das maiores comunidades internacionais sobre a cantora.

Continuamos aqui, trazendo informação para a JanFam e, quem sabe um dia, ajudaremos a trazer a Janet ao Brasil.

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