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After releasing three albums and spending seven long years away from the stage, Janet returned to the road with the brilliant Rock Witchu Tour in 2008. After releasing the album 20 Y.O., in 2006, Janet confirmed in an interview with Billboard that she would go on tour and her choreographer, Gil Duldulao, also went on to say that the show would be completely unlike anything she had done on stage, that they were working on choreography for almost all the tracks on the album. But with the end of her contract with Virgin Records and alleged internal problems, Janet canceled plans to hit the road, signed a new contract with Island Records and returned to the studio to record her 2008 album, Discipline.

A few months after its release, Janet made a special appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and announced that the Rock Witchu Tour would start in September of that year. A telephone line was created especially for fans to leave messages saying what songs, new or old, they wanted on the setlist for the show. Then, on September 10, 2008, the Rock Witchu Tour kicked off in the city of Vancouver, Canada.

JANET.br Janet Jackson Rock Witchu Tour
JANET.br Janet Jackson Rock Witchu Tour

Undoubtedly that was the biggest, most ambitious and complex show that Janet has done throughout her career. Running approximately 2 hours long, with amazing dancers, costumes designed by Donatella Versace, high-definition LED screens, pyrotechnic effects, a mobile stage that morphed throughout the show and a setlist made up of 37 songs, the Rock Witchu Tour is one of Janet’s best tours – and one of the best shows of that year.

After five concerts, the singer announced her departure from Island Records, citing creative differences and lack of support from the label regarding the release of the album. The following week, Janet canceled a concert in the city of Montreal minutes before going on stage. According to the event promoters, she had fallen ill during the sound check that afternoon and apparently the symptoms were coming back. Janet’s team later reported they had intensified and a doctor advised Janet not to proceed with the tour. In official reports, she was said to be suffering from a migraine-associated vertigo, which was increased by the stage lights and frenetic pace that the show required. The tour would have it’s last show the following month.

Despite great reviews, that said the show was technically flawless, that Janet’s energy on stage was contagious and that no moment on the show was lip-synched, even though she sometimes sang over a pre-recorded track, the tour did come to an end. The following year, already had some confirmed dates in Japan and an European leg was being planned. However, due to the economic crisis that plagued the world, all plans were aborted.

No official record of the show was released and no TV channel broadcast the shows. However, a professional footage of the Los Angeles concert leaked on the internet some time later. Despite the very low video quality, we can get a sense of how awesome that tour was.

JANET.br Janet Jackson Rock Witchu Tour
Janet Jackson Rock WitchuTour Photos Gallery
Janet Jackson Rock WitchuTour Photos Gallery
Janet Jackson Rock WitchuTour Photos Gallery
Janet Jackson Rock WitchuTour Photos Gallery
JANET.br Janet Jackson Rock Witchu Tour


1Pleasure Principle
3What Have You Done for Me Lately
5ou Want This
6Alright/Miss You Much
7Never Letchu Go
8Come Back To Me/Let’s Wait Awhile
10So Excited
11So Much Betta
13All Nite (Don’t Stop)
14Rock With U
15Together Again
16Pre-Control Medley
17Doesn’t Really Matter
19Love Will Never Do (Without You)
20When I Think Of You
21All For You
22Got ‘Till It’s Gone
23Call On Me
24That’s The Way Love Goes
25I Get Lonely
26Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)
27Any Time, Any Place (Band Interlude)
29Black Cat
31Rhythm Nation

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