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After taking control of her career, breaking records and making the world dance and reflect on controversial topics such as racism and social inequality, the time came for Janet to take the stage and give all of her. In February 1990, the Rhythm Nation World Tour kicked off with a sold-out show in the city of Pensacola, Florida. Janet Jackson’s first tour showed the world a yet unknown side of the singer that, although already considered one of the best performers of the season, now broke all barriers and expectations. With a lot of choreography and a gigantic structure, the Rhythm Nation Tour also addressed more serious topics, keeping the tone of the album and encouraging fans to think while they danced to the sound of the biggest hits of the late 80’s.

JANET.br Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Tour

With the setlist containing songs from her current album and also the predecessor, ‘Control’, Janet presented a spectacle every night, holding until this day the record for the most successful debut tour of all time. The choreography was in the hands of the same team responsible for her music videos. The names include Anthony Thomas, Tina Landon, who, years later, would become one of her best friends and main choreographer; and LaVelle Smith, one of the main dancers and friends of her brother, Michael. Janet had met LaVelle backstage at Bad World Tour concert, in the late 80’s, and invited him to participate in her following project.

Despite all the success it has achieved, the Rhythm Nation World Tour has not been released on video. One of the shows that took place in Tokyo, Japan, was filmed and televised by a local network. However, it has never been released commercially. At the time, Janet had signed an exclusive contract with Pioneer for recording and marketing the tour in LaserDisc, a technology previous to DVD, but no release has happened. Janet has stated in several interviews during the 2000s that she regrets never having released the material and still wants to complete this project.

Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Tour Photos Gallery
Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Tour Photos Gallery
Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Tour Photos Gallery
Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Tour Photos Gallery
JANET.br Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Tour


3What Have You Done For Me Lately
4Let’s Wait Awhile
5When I Think Of You
6The Pleasure Principle
7T.V. (Interlude)
8State Of The World
9RACE (Interlude)
10The Knowledge
11Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)
12Black Cat
13Come Back To Me
16Miss You Much
17Pledge (Interlude)
18Rhythm Nation

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