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Janet Jackson released lots of projects in 2009 and 2010: compilation albums, movies and even a book. In July 2010, Janet was invited to perform at the opening night of the famous Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. Despite having little time to rehearse, Janet agreed and gave a great show! Much was recycled from her previous Rock Witchu Tour, with some amendments and adding her latest singles: ‘Nothing’ and ‘Make Me’.

Some months later, Janet did a private concert in New York City at the Radio City Music Hall. And it was that night that gave her the inspiration to go on tour again. In November, a video was posted on her website and social networks of Janet, on which she spoke directly to fans. saying that many people around the world were asking when she would tour again, which is why she decided to do it. The support and love of the fans meant a lot and she wanted to show her gratitude.

JANET.br Janet Jackson Number Ones Tour
JANET.br Janet Jackson Number Ones Tour

The whole show was one big party. Janet looked very comfortable on stage and in great harmony with her dancers and the band. The costumes (which were retired later on the tour) were signed by Robert Henri Behar, the designer who had already worked with Janet in the videos for ‘Rock With U’ and ‘Make Me’. In terms of choreography, Gil Duldulao said that since it was a show to celebrate her #1’s, nothing more logical than maintaining the original choreographies.

The success was so great, both in reviews and ticket sales, that Janet decided to extend the tour. The 35 initial shows were multiplied and became 80, divided into eight legs.

Janet went from the United States to Europe, from Asia to Australia and went as far as the United Arab Emirates. A last leg would have happened between December 2011 and January 2012, with a date in Brazil being announced. A few days before the tickets go on sale, however, the show was canceled. In an official report, Janet said she was very sorry to disappoint the fans and expected to perform in Brazil in the future, but that due to conflicts in her schedule she could not proceed with the tour.

There are no official footings of the Number Ones Tour. During its passage by the United Arab Emirates, Janet recorded a commercial for NutriSystem where you can see some backstage scenes and a simulation of Janet preparing to come up on stage, but no snippet of show was released. However, Janet’s sold out performances in London, at the famous Royal Albert Hall, the concert were recorded. Many fans have confirmed the presence of professional equipment, and Janet’s team confirmed the information later, saying that the material would be edited and released as a Vevo Special. But, as we know, nothing has been released yet.

JANET.br Janet Jackson Number Ones Tour
Janet Jackson Number Ones Tour Photos Gallery
Janet Jackson Number Ones Tour Photos Gallery
Janet Jackson Number Ones Tour Photos Gallery
Janet Jackson Number Ones Tour Photos Gallery


1Pleasure Principle
3What Have You Done for Me Lately
5You Want This
6Alright / 7. Miss You Much
9Come Back To Me/Let’s Wait Awhile
11Doesn’t Really Matter
13Love Will Never Do (Without You)
14When I Think Of You
15All For You
16That’s The Way Love Goes
17I Get Lonely
18Black Cat
20Scream/Rhythm Nation
21Diamonds/The Best Things in Life Are Free
22Throb/Make Me
23Together Again

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