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The year was 1993. After the success achieved with Rhythm Nation, the next steps on Janet Jackson’s career would grant her the title of Music’s most influential woman. After venturing into movies, starring “Poetic Justice,” Janet said that she felt the need to talk about love in a broader way than she had done. Writing about the ups and downs and the different ways of feeling and making love. Hence the “janet.” album, with six hit singles, millions of copies sold and one of the most iconic covers in the history of Rolling Stone magazine – Janet was on point to give her best on stage once again. After a trip to Barcelona, where she observed the work of Antoni Gaudí, the inspiration was walking by her side. And on November 24, 1993, in Cincinnati, Ohio, the janet. World Tour began.

JANET.br Janet Jackson janet. World Tour
JANET.br Janet Jackson janet. World Tour

Defined by the singer and her dancers as a big party, the tour celebrated the different sides of love. From the sexual fantasy to heartbreak, from betrayal to allowing yourself to fall in love again. The new show was totally different from the previous, more cheerful, colorful and with a much larger structure. In addition to the number of people on the team, band and dancers, the stage was a spectacle on its own. Janet has for a long time been a pioneer in cool in new technologies and was one of the first pop artists to use video screens as a feature of her concerts. The three screens that were at the bottom of the stage were mobile and also served as elevators. They showed snippets of music videos or backdrops produced especially for the tour.

The setlist encompassed Janet’s career from Control up to that point, including most of the hits and even album tracks like ‘This Time’. For the first time, Janet began to invite fans onstage to take part in the steamiest moments of the show: during ‘Any Time, Any Place’, the dancers brought someone from the audience and Janet sang for the lucky guy. She would go on to repeat that act on most of her tours.

The Janet. World Tour hasn’t been released on video. She manifests regret by not having released her first two tours commercially, even demonstrating interest in doing so. However, many professional snippets that were used by MTV and other TV channels are available. At the time, audio-visual company Pioneer signed contracts with various artists for the release of their shows on LaserDisc, a technology that didn’t take off and was replaced by the DVD. Pioneer released some other concerts but not Janet’s.

A fan favorite, the janet. World Tour had 123 dates, divided into five legs from 1993 to 1995. It grossed approximately $141.5 million, which today would be around 230 million dollars.

JANET.br Janet Jackson janet. World Tour
Janet Jackson janet. world tour Photos Gallery
Janet Jackson janet. world tour Photos Gallery
Janet Jackson janet. world tour Photos Gallery
Janet Jackson janet. world tour Photos Gallery
JANET.br Janet Jackson janet. World Tour


2What Have You Done for Me Lately
4Let’s Wait Awhile
5Come Back To Me
7Whimsical Medley
8When I Think of You / Escapade / Miss You Much
9Love Will Never Do (Without You)
11What I’ll Do
12Any Time, Any Place
13Where Are You Now *
15And On and On *
16Black Cat
17Rhythm Nation
18This Time
19That’s The Way Love Goes
20New Agenda *
21Because Of Love
22You Want This
23Whoops Now *

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