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After the 2001 release of the All For You, that would end up being her most successful album in the decade, the Janet announced a new world tour. Away from the road since 1998, fans and the media were very eager to see what Ms. Jackson would pull this time.

After months of rehearsals, that went on to happen even twice a day, Janet kicked off the All For You Tour, in Portland, OR. Music channel VH1 made a live coverage of the concert, showing backstage footage, picturing the anxiety of the fans and the first few songs performed by Janet that night. The singer was already over 30 years old, but was still in full swing! The reviews were positive. Many media outlets highlighted the energy that Janet presented on stage and her super toned body. She was betting on what she does best: dancing.

JANET.br Janet Jackson All For You Tour
JANET.br Janet Jackson All For You Tour

And the dance was really the focus, this time. Janet performed 26 songs every night and the moments when the singer was just cooling off were few. The great hits were there, along with many tracks from her latest album. One of the most anticipated moments of the new show was the performance of ‘Would You Mind’, when the youngest Jackson sister chose a member of the audience to join her on stage. Using a super tight latex bodysuit, Janet teased and showed who was in charge. The performance generated some controversy among the most conservative, but the public loved it and Janet was never to change her plans to please anyone.

The stage was developed by the singer in partnership with Mark Fischer, a famous architect responsible for giving life to other great shows from acts such as Tina Turner, U2 and Pink Floyd, and who had previously worked on The Velvet Rope Tour. It was the largest structure of her career. At first sight everything seemed pretty simple, the stage had only one level and a large screen fixed to the back. But as the show progressed, a grandiose Garden was inflated in a few seconds, stairs and platforms arose from the ground and even a futuristic city appeared in the background, transporting the audience to Eastern Asia.

Unfortunately, all dates scheduled for November and December were cancelled due to the September 11 attack, and plans to extend the tour to Europe were aborted. The only country besides the USA and Canada to host the concert was Japan, in January 2002. The tour came to an end after 72 nights in February 2002, in Hawaii. The show was broadcast live on HBO, beating records of audience and having the special feature of Missy Elliott. Six months later the record was released on DVD and VHS. In addition to the full concert, the release featured an interview with Janet, behind the scenes footage, photo galleries and the performance of ‘Would You Mind’ in several cities.

JANET.br Janet Jackson All For You Tour
Janet Jackson All For You Tour Photos Gallery
Janet Jackson All For You Tour Photos Gallery
Janet Jackson All For You Tour Photos Gallery
Janet Jackson All For You Tour Photos Gallery
JANET.br Janet Jackson All For You Tour


1Come On Get Up
2You Ain’t Right
3All For You
4Love Will Never Do (Without You)
5Trust A Try
6Come Back To Me
7Let’s Wait Awhile
9Whimsical Medley (Runaway/Miss You Much/When I Think of You/Escapade)
10Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)
11Got ‘til It’s Gone
12That’s The Way Love Goes
13Control Medley
15Love Scene (Ooh Baby) (Band Interlude)
16Would You Mind
18Black Cat
19Rhythm Nation
20Doesn’t Really Matter
21Someone To Call My Lover
22Together Again

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