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janet. Remixed

13/03/1995 (EU) / VIRGIN RECORDS

There is no doubt that the “janet. Era” was the most successful phase of Janet Jackson’s career. At that time, Janet was the most influential female artist in music and one of the best paid singers in history. She had starred on her first film, reached the top of the charts for at least five times with her latest album and was touring the world since late 1993.

janet. remixed 1995

On March 1995, Janet came to Europe for the last leg of her tour. Due to the huge success of the album and demand for tickets, her record label, Virgin Records, decided that the singer should launch a second collection of remixes. Janet. Remixed was released in the spring of that year exclusively to Europe.

Apart from very well produced remixes, the album featured the great b-sides ‘And On And On’ and ‘70’s Love Groove ‘. Just like Control: The Remixes, the compilation wasn’t released in the United States and it’s tracklist had some differences between the CD, vinyl and cassette editions.



1That’s The Way Love Goes (CJ FXTC Club Mix)
2If (Brothers In Rhythm House Mix)
3Because of Love (Frankie and David Classic 12′)
4And On And On
5Throb (Morales Badyard Club)
6You Want This (E-Smoove’s House Anthem)
7Any Time, Any Place (CJ’s 12′ Mix)
8Where Are You Now (Nellee Hooper Mix)
970’s Love Groove
10What’ll I Do (Dave Navarro Mix)
11Any Time, Any Place (R. Kelly Mix)
12You Want This (Smoove Soul 12′) (Cassette)
13That’s the Way Love Goes
14Because of Love (Muggs Full Hip Hop Mix) (Cassette)
15One More Chance (Vinyl)

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JANET.br started in 2014 with two fans from São Paulo, Brazil, who had been keeping track of Janet Jackson's work since mid-00's.

We started on Facebook, grew out to other social networks, and then built a website with news and photo gallery. Since then, Brazil, who had never been an expressive fanbase, became one of the biggest hubs of discussion about Janet, and we became one of the biggest international communities about the star.

We're still here, bringing information to the JanFam and, maybe one day, we'll get Janet to come to Brazil.

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