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Dúvidas ou sugestões? Entre em contato com a nossa equipe por e-mail ou através das redes sociais. E lembrem-se, nós somos apenas um fã-site dedicado à Janet Jackson, não possuímos nenhum contato com a mesma ou sua equipe. | Janet Jackson Brasil started in 2014 with two fans from São Paulo, Brazil, who had been keeping track of Janet Jackson's work since mid-00's.

We started on Facebook, grew out to other social networks, and then built a website with news and photo gallery. Since then, Brazil, who had never been an expressive fanbase, became one of the biggest hubs of discussion about Janet, and we became one of the biggest international communities about the star.

We're still here, bringing information to the JanFam and, maybe one day, we'll get Janet to come to Brazil.

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