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  O super produtor nos guia através do processo de gravação de um dos maiores álbuns dos anos 80 Por Chris Williams da Red Bull Music Academy   Muitos podem não se lembrar disso, mas Janet Jackson era uma estrela de TV em primeiro lugar. Na verdade, por 1982, ela tinha experimentado sucesso suficiente em ‘Good Times’ e ‘Fame’ (sic) que ela decidiu embarcar em uma carreira musical. Seus dois primeiros álbuns, ‘Janet Jackson’ e...


Todo mundo sabe que os movimentos executados por Janet Jackson na época do Control (1986 e 1988) são obra de Paula Abdul. Coreografias icônicas como “What Have You Done For Me Lately” e “Nasty”, nasceram da parceria entre as duas artistas. Existem diversos registros em fotos e vídeos dessa época, inclusive de ensaios e bastidores. Mas essa semana, um vídeo inédito mostrando os ensaios de “What Have You Done For Me Lately” caiu na internet. Confira essa...


According to multiple reports from Reddit users, Rupaul's Drag Race Season 10 finale will feature not one, but two Janet Jackson songs, as the four finalists battle for the crown in a lip sync battle. This is not the first time Janet has been featured on the show, apart from multiple references and impersonations. 'Nasty' was the theme for a lip sync battle in the first season of the spinoff 'All Stars', which features drag queens who made an impact on previous seasons of the main show. According to reports, 'Nasty' will be featured again, followed by 'If', performed by another pair...


It’s not often you have the opportunity to see a bona fide music icon and legend perform live, so don’t miss Janet Jackson’s acclaimed “State of the World Tour” coming to D.C. (Nov. 16) and Baltimore (Nov. 18). In celebration of Janet’s arrival, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ways she has demonstrated her love and support for the LGBT community. In no particular order, they are:


10 times Michael Jackson was inspired by Janet

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A lot of people still seem to think Janet lived in the shadows of her brother, sometimes even addressing her as “Michael’s sister”. Not only is that unfair but also inaccurate: Janet was the only other Jackson to solidify a career on her own. She did not need help, and even if she had, help alone didn’t do much for Michael’s protégés – even inside the family. Here’s a list of reasons Janet was not following his steps, but sometimes was even paving the way for him.

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